1. Enough
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I keep on looking back at all I haven't done
The sweet success if I had only
The moves that didn't work, the people that I've hurt
The thinking I deserve it when I'm lonely
This beating myself up is such a waste
It's time to give myself a break

So enough of the guilt
Enough of the shame
Enough shrinking back
When I hear my name
A little more compassion
A little more self-love
A lot more realization
That I am enough

I still can hear that voice
Come piercing through the years
Reminding me how to blame myself
It's time to let that go, by now I ought to know
I'm worth as much as anybody else
I'm gonna let tears fall where they may
Remind myself that I'm OK


I have my moments, I have my good days
I’ve got my inner strength and I’ve got the will to change