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I Wanna Make You Happy

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This is a sequel to my song, "The Worst Thing". That is a song of regret. This is a promise I can keep.


I said a lot of things I shouldn't
I guess I took more than I gave
Things you asked me to, I wouldn't
I really hate who I became
Still you kept the faith in who I always was
Now I'll give it all I've got to really earn your love

I wanna make you happy
As happy as it's possible to be
Cuz baby I love you madly
And you can always count on me
If you need a hand, an ear, or a shoulder
Whatever I can do I'll do it gladly
Cuz my heart's one desire is
I wanna make you happy

It could be fighting off some disaster
Or just saving you a trip to the store
Or a neck rub so you’ll feel pampered
Or some togetherness behind closed doors
Anything to bring your world a little light
Every day until the day I bid this world goodbye


I can't promise roses 24/7
Or endless state of blissful heaven
But even on the worst of days
You know I'm with you all the way