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Thoughts and Prayers

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A killer with a semi-automatic
A few more dozen lives erased
Everyone agrees that it was tragic
Though it's feeling all too commonplace
And the people cry out to politicians in the capitol
Please do something to stop this
But they only send their PR person out with that
Same old statement from the office sending

Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers
An easy way to pretend to care
We need more than just lukewarm air
But they keep sending out thoughts and prayers

Some voters think they'll outgun the army
Heroes fighting off some government plot
While the operatives working in the lobby
Know which politicians can be bought
And the people cry out in their loudest voices
But donor dollars always talk louder
And the hole where there ought to be a conscience
Is the price lawmakers pay for power sending


We've got the power to put this to an end
We've got a ballot to fire the ones who only send