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One Person's Freedom

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Your guns set you free but what about me and my freedom from getting shot? G- D-
You got plenty of space to practice your faith but l wanna be free to not G- D-
You raise your voice for ,the personal choice to spread a disease A- D-
Sayin' I'm free to my risk life to go out in the world and breathe A- F E A-

Everyone wants freedom Bb F
In the land of the free Bb F
But what if my freedom affects you Bb F
And your freedom affects me? Bb C
What you can and what you shouldA- D-
Are sometimes night and day A- Bb
'Cause one person's freedom F Bb
Is another's chains C D -

Executive perks, small wages for work coz that's what the free market will bear
And taxing their gains is such a big strain on poor oppressed billionaires
Workers are free to work 2 jobs or 3 or live on the streets
And they're free drop dead if they get sick and can't afford an MD


The lion is free to kill his prey D- A- D-
The victims are free to run away D- A- D-
Should we as humans have to live that way? F G C