1. Gabrielle
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Try to picture her, her hair like a veil of gold
There aren’t any words, her face like a tale untold
There's a hunger we share and she gives me a stare
With eyes that could melt the cold
I can see paradise but her flames turn to ice
She locks up her soul

Gabrielle, Gabrielle,- a vision in the night
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, you are the morning light
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, I've got you in my sight
But I cannot take you, cannot break you, cannot shake you
And I can't stand back no more

Try to picture her, her heart wears a coat of steel
Woman of the world, a mask that can seem so real
I can see in her eyes underneath her disguise
The fear of a lonely child
Afraid of a part deep down in her heart
That wants to run wild

Gabrielle, Gabrielle, you're crying deep inside
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, and so you run and hide
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, together we could fly
But I cannot find you, cannot bind you, can’t unwind you
And I can't stand back no more

Many years ago they taught you to be oh, so strong
You built a wall of stone and you fought your pain alone too long

Gabrielle, Gabrielle, why don't you take my hand
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, I’m the one who understands
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, Your wish is my command
But you won't receive me, won't believe me, won't deceive me
And I can't stand back no more

Gabrielle, Gabrielle, old echoes from the dark
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, still tearing you apart
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, it's not too late to start
But I cannot bend you, cannot mend you, can't defend you
And I can't stand back no more