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The Worst Thing

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I partied way too hard, watched my college years go up in smoke
I messed up at my job, I've bought high and I've sold low
Sometimes I tried too much, others not enough
I hate that I've been unkind
Got a list a mile long of all that I've done wrong
Let me tell you what I've realized

I've made mistakes both big and small
I've got regrets about them all -
But if there was just one
I had the power to undo
The worst thing I've ever done
Was hurting you

I've got it through my head, now both know that I'm the one to blame
I'd say sorry till I'm dead if maybe that would make you feel OK
You were so good to me, in my mind I can see
The way we should have been
The dream I have in life is I could make it right
And you might let me in again


The worst thing I've ever done
Was hurting you

Hurting you