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There Is No California

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This was my life story, written literally in my head as I was driving from Los Angeles, where I had lived for almost 30 years, back to the East Coast, where I grew up.


I still can see that welcome sign in the desert on I-10
The maze of streets that greeted me when I arrived back then
I was going to make it big when I first hit LA
Now I'm an older nobody driving back the other way
People came and disappeared
Like I imagined all those years

There is no California
No sunny skies to warm ya
No starry-eyed dreams come true like I went there for
It must have once existed
Somehow I must have missed it
But there is no California anymore

Was barely there a week first time that I looked in your eyes
Through every dead-end street I hit, you stood there by my side
All the no’s and maybes all the big shot bullshit talk
To yes we've got a deal then they don't return my calls
Facing East behind the wheel
Please don't blame me if I feel


Expectations turn to vapor
I came out with something greater
You're still here, and I can love you anywhere
So I don't really care that…