Songwriting for the fun of it

I signed up for a class on song arranging, and I needed a song for the first assignment. I had nothing. So, I decided to just create a "throwaway" song with silly lyrics just to have something. I came up with:

I wanna write a song/I need it for a class/Don't wanna make it long/Just wanna make it fast

Then I needed a chorus. What to say? The most obvious thing was, "So here it is!" Then what? Since it's here, I'm gonna sing it. And you can sing it with me.

Suddenly, I felt like I had something that could be a real song. Something really, really fun. So, I changed up those first few lines, and then I finished the whole thing up.

I love this song. It's a silly song, but it's pure fun. I'd even say it's the most pure fun song I've ever written. And it's a celebration of songs and the joy of songwriting. 

I also think it's cool that I wrote a song about itself. Songs about songs and songwriting aren't usually big  commercial successes, but that's the great thing about being an independent artist. I don't need the approval of a publisher or an A&R department. I just put out what I love, and I hope my fans will also like it.

This song, "Sing It With Me!" is my new single. I hope you will love it half as much as I do.

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